About Me

Hi I'm Pav, I create 'forever flower' hoops and wreaths using colourful faux flora and dried flowers. The first hoop I made was for our own cottage front door and it got so many compliments that I decided to make a few more. To be honest, Floral Cottage Co. started as a happy accident…

I live in a traditional blacksmith’s cottage in a village in North Yorkshire, and everything I make is in some way inspired by it. I noticed that people were stopping to look at the hoop that I made for our front door – a couple even stopped to take a photo of it! One lovely old lady in the village likes to stop to talk and make a fuss of our basset hound, Major. She was so delighted with my flower hoop that I decided to make her one as a present, and when I gave it to her she said I should start selling them. That’s really how my little business began!

I love to create, experiment, play and discover, and every one of my floral wreaths and hoops is completely unique. In my crafting adventures I have found that anything can be decorated with flowers! From cake toppers to upcycled bicycle wheels, my designs have expanded as I get to know my customers.

As much as I am inspired by the beauty of the changing seasons, where I live, and nature, I am also inspired by my customers and the stories they share with me. Whether it’s one of my own designs or a bespoke order that we create together, you can be sure to find something to fit your home and your personality. Every design is one of a kind - each with its own special feel. Floral Cottage Co. creations are stylish, traditional, personal and unlike anything you’ll find in the shops.

Here’s a snapshot of what I make:

Hoops: from small to large (10cm up to 1 metre), made from faux or dried flowers, for your kitchen, bathroom, hallway, garden, yarden, or anywhere else you fancy.

Wreaths: autumn colours, summer bouquets, Christmas wreaths, or made of cork… these too can be for inside or outside.

Upcycled bicycle wheels: recycled with a vintage, boho vibe – perfect for courtyards or anywhere outside.

Cake toppers: for any size of cake: weddings, birthdays, special occasions, you name it!

So if you’re looking for something for your front door, a garden wall, your kitchen or a bedroom then get in touch. You can have that ‘cottage feel’ wherever you live and create a special corner in your home. And if you’d like to talk to me about cake toppers for your wedding, or presents for a hen party then I can help you design something really special. Personalise a gift for an anniversary or a birthday, or buy a design I’ve already crafted – and if you’ve got something different in mind then I’d love to hear your ideas. We can work together to upcycle and personalise almost anything!

Faux lasts forever – so with Floral Cottage Co. you can give or have something that lasts and lasts. Looking forward to meeting you! Pav